Always a Child at Heart: Ten Things I have in Common with Kids: Part 2

With two of my favorite cousins Sophia and Chloe

With two of my favorite cousins Sophia and Chloe

As I said last week, I love people. Nothing makes me happier than being out and about seeing old friends or making new ones.  I am six years old and in dog years depending on the old or the new way you figure it, I’m either 38 or 43. Because I am so small, people always think I’m a puppy, but I don’t mind because I’m a kid at heart.   I especially love children and I think that’s because I have a lot in common with them. Here are the final five of the top ten reasons:

5. I like to play. Even after I come in from a two mile walk into town, I will pick up a ball in my house and expect my owner to play fetch with me.

4. I’m obedient—most of the time! Since I have been well trained, I come when I’m called and sit on command. But, like most children, I sometimes have a mind of my own.

3. I’m loyal. Being the territorial creature that I am, I will defend my owner and always come to her when she calls. And like a child, I want to go home with my mommy.

2. I like attention. I think the world revolves around me. When anyone comes to our door, be it friend, relative or repairman, I think they are there to play with me.

1. And no surprise to anyone, the number one reason is love, unconditionally.  I’m affectionate and show it with lots of kisses. Just like most little kids I want to cuddle and be cozy. But unlike a child as they grow older, I will want to snuggle with my owner for the rest of my life.

How is your pet like a child?


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