Always a Child at Heart: Ten Things I have in Common with Kids: Part 1

One of the kids in my neighborhood that I love

Natalia is one of the kids in my neighborhood that I love

I love people. Nothing makes me happier than being out and about seeing old friends or making new ones.  I am six years old and in dog years depending on the old or the new way you figure it, I’m either 38 or 42. Because I am so small, people always think I’m a puppy, but I don’t mind because I’m a kid at heart.   I especially love children and I think that’s because I have a lot in common with them. Here are the first five of the top ten reasons:

10. I needed to be trained.  It’s all about the rules and boundaries. I was house broken and taught to ring a bell when I needed to go outside to do my business. I learned commands and words and the names for people and things. I was socialized. My owner introduced me to dogs of all sizes and people of all ages. I went on an elevator, to the train station and to crowded spots so I would not be afraid.

 9. I’m honest, innocent and not judgmental.  When I meet someone new I give them a good sniff. If I sense they are not “dog people,” I wag my tail and go on my way.

8. I’m curious. My owner thinks I’m nosey, but like most children who want to learn and explore new things, I like to know what is going on and sniff out who has been around.

7. I’m friendly, small and not threatening. I will wag my tail when I see someone I know or want to get to know.

6. I sleep a lot, just like a baby. No matter how much energy I have and although my owner has other ideas about what I do when she’s away, I’m really napping until she comes home.

The top five reasons will come next week…How is your pet like a child?


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