Maggie Mae Book Blog: “How to Talk to Your Dog ” by Jean Craighead George

How to Talk to Your Dog by Jean Craighead George

This has to be the first book I review because talking to your dog is so important and I was lucky enough to interview the author and Newbery Award Medalist, Jean Craighead George for one of my Maggie Mae Pup Reporter columns in Inside Chappaqua magazine.

In How to Talk to Your Dog Jean Craighead George writes “No one will ever love you as much as your dog does.” That is very true and I hope my owner knows that. In the book humans can find out what their dog is saying and how to talk back to us dogs. George explains what all the sounds we make mean and what the wag of our tail tells you. She tells you how to say hello to us and how to say, “I’m the boss.” She knows that we really think we are the boss, and she will show you how to show us that you are our leader.

Jean George loved her dog Qimmiq and you can tell by the way she wrote the book. Her dog Qimmiq was the most wonderful dog and the inspiration for How to Talk to Your Dog. She dedicated the book to Qimmiq, her “wonderful talking dog.”

“After I studied wolves I realized Qimmiq was talking to me the way the wolves do,” she said in 2010 when I interviewed her. “He howled ‘Ah oohh’ just like a wolf. My granddaughters would call in the morning and say, ‘I want to speak to Qimmiq.’ I’d hold up the phone and he’d howl. And then they would hang up. They didn’t want to talk to me.” She also gave me some good advice: “Always obey,” which I didn’t much like, and “Let your owner know when you are annoyed!” That made my tail wag, and I hoped my owner heard it too!

I highly recommend this book. Young children should read it with a grownup.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Laurie Greene says:

    I want to foster a dog, but, my other ha;lf says no.

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