Extra! Extra! Read All About Us!

Maggie Mae Pup Reporter
Ronni Diamondstein

Recently my owner, Ronni Diamondstein and I were the subject of an article in our local magazine Inside Chappaqua & Millwood. The tables were turned on us since we do the writing and interviewing, but we loved the writer Megan Klein. She is an aspiring journalist studying at Boston University. My owner has known her since Megan was a baby. It was fun to have her interview Ronni. Our picture was even on the cover of the magazine! You can read about this “dynamic duo” in this link.

Inside Chappaqua & Millwood, March/April 2021


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3 comments on “Extra! Extra! Read All About Us!
  1. Laurie Greene says:

    Another wonderful story, thanks Laurie

  2. That’s so ‘pawsome.’ What a lovely accompanying photo, too!

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