Maggie Mae’s Book Blog: “Dominic” by William Steig

“Dominic” by William Steig

“Dominic” by William Steig is one of my favorite books. My owner has been reading it to me since I was a puppy because it is one of her favorite books. Dominic is a little bored with his neighborhood so he sets out on an adventure. He packs his collection of hats and his piccolo and heads out wherever the world may take him. Dominic encounters members of the Doomsday Gang and deftly foils their attempt to rob him. He meets new friends along the way who tell him of their less-fortunate meetings with these villains. They ask the heroic dog for help, but can one dog along take down the Doomsday gang? You’ll have to read it to find out. It’s a story about life great for people of all ages. My owner, Ronni Diamondstein who is a children’s librarian gives it to adults as well as children. 

Dominic is a great dog. He is my hero. I hope everyone will read this terrific book.

I am especially happy to share this book today because November 14th is the author William Steig’s birthday. He would have been 114 this year.

Maggie Mae reading Dominic


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4 comments on “Maggie Mae’s Book Blog: “Dominic” by William Steig
  1. Laurie Greene says:

    You know she’s still my favorite pup.

  2. We’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the recommendation.

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