Pet Peeve #2: Pay Attention to Your Pet

I always have my eye on my surroundings. Photo by Ronni Diamondstein

Maggie Mae always has her eye on her      surroundings.
          Photo by Ronni Diamondstein

Pay attention to your pet!

Not too long ago a dog went to bite me when I was walking in town. The owner was walking with her teenage son and was looking something up on her cell phone. When my owner told her to pay attention to her dog she said, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Really! Not a nice thing to say to my owner who cares about me and only takes out her phone to snap a picture of me or in case of emergency. This was not the first time. Too many times I have been attacked by dogs whose owners are busy looking at their cellphone, or holding a cup of coffee in their hands or both and their dog is on a retractable leash. You can’t be controlled well if you are on a retractable leash, especially if there is a problem. Please don’t use them and please just pay attention.


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2 comments on “Pet Peeve #2: Pay Attention to Your Pet
  1. We’re totally with you on both counts, Maggie Mae-no cell phones and especially no retractable leashes. I just want to klunk those cretins on the head when they do that! Be safe, sweet little pup. 🙂

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