Pet Peeve: Please Pick Up Your Poop

I can read this, so I don't understand why some people don't heed this sign.

I can read this, so I don’t understand why some people don’t heed this sign.

Maggie Mae’s Pet Peeve: This is something I just don’t get. I see a lot of unpicked up poop in my neighborhood and when I walk in the town–even on the sidewalk. I can’t pick up my own poop, so my owner carries bags with her all the time and even a flashlight at night so she can see it in the dark. My owner carries a pouch that is attached to the handle of my leash so she always has something to use to pick up the “you know what”.  She’s right there next to me when I do my business and I even get a “Good Girl,” when I am finished.

What’s your Pet Peeve?

Maggie Mae Pup Reporter wants to hear from you! This is a series of posts about things that are on my mind. I am a very happy dog and get along well with kids and adults of all ages. But there are some things that bother me.  I  will let you know what is on my mind and if  you have something you would like to share, just let me know.

You can contact me at if you have your own pet related peeve!


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