Who Doesn’t Love a Little Vacation?


One of my favorite things to do is dog and people watch on the porch of The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. It’s a pet-friendly inn in the Berkshire Mountains. It is so relaxing. I always meet the nicest people.


I am always well-behaved.


You never know what you will see. These dogs barked at me but I just ignored them.








Taking a walk on Main Street, Stockbridge, MA.

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Faith in the Future

by Ronni Diamondstein

Maggie Mae and Ronni Diamondstein

Photo credit: Liza Margulies

I truly have faith in the future. I have been retired from teaching for 4 years now. I have kept my finger on the pulse of what young people are thinking by helping high school seniors polish and edit their college application and supplemental essays. All I can say is, “Wow.” Everyone has a unique story. The young people I have worked with are wise and thoughtful, and most importantly care about the world they live in and want to make it a better place. Their voices are strong and clear. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be their coach. Makes me very hopeful in this new year!

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“What Happened” at the Chappaqua Library

  • IMG_1339Library Staff with Hillary Rodham Clinton Photo courtesy Chappaqua Library

Posting by Ronni Diamondstein

Exciting to host a book signing by Chappaqua resident, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Chappaqua Library on Saturday, September 24.


A huge crowd of all ages was there to get a signed copy of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book, “What Happened” and her children’s picture book version of “It Takes a Village,” illustrated by Caldecott Medalist Marla Frazee. Secretary Clinton took the time to chat with everyone who came through the line.

And President William J. Clinton made a surprise visit and spent time talking to hundreds of  folks waiting on line.


Kudos to the amazing Chappaqua Library staff and volunteers who worked hard so the event ran smoothly.


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At the Red Lion Inn


Always fun to go to The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge. I have my eye on what is going on. Story to follow…

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Sworn in

By Ronni Diamondstein

On July 5th, 2017 I was officially sworn in as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Chappaqua Library. I am humbled by this opportunity to serve my community.

Thank you to Library Director, Pamela Thornton, Secretary to the Director, Gerri Carpino and my dear friends Oscar Flores, Liz Haymsom and Christina Madden for witnessing.

oath with friends


Top: Gerri Carpino, Ronni Diamondstein, Pamela Thornton Photo credit: Oscar Flores
Bottom: Liz Haymsom, Ronni Diamondstein, Oscar Flores, Christina Madden Photo: Gerri Carpino


ALA Expert is you!

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Stay Tuned…

My owner Ronni Diamondstein was elected to the Chappaqua Library Board of Trustees this spring and starts her term this month. She will be sharing her experiences here as a guest blogger. Stay tuned!ALA Expert is you!

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I love Memorial Day

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.28.44 AM

I have been going to the Memorial Day since I was a puppy. You can’t see me in this photo but I am walking with my owner. In a minute she picks me up because the crowd is crushing us. I was happy to see Secretary Clinton marching and really happy that she said hello to us. She met me when I was a puppy and liked me so much she got a black and white toy poodle, Tallie just like me.   A few minutes later the crowd pushed us into President Clinton who stopped to pet me. We are always happy to see each other!

Here we are a few years ago at the town Memorial Day parade.

MM and wjc  .jpg

And here I am with Secretary Clinton a few years ago too!

HRC and MM 63 .jpgThe exciting life of a Pup Reporter in Chappaqua!

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I’m in a Photo Exhibit!

Ronni Diamondstein is excited to see Maggie Mae's photo that she took in the exhibition.

Ronni Diamondstein is excited to see her photo of Maggie Mae in the exhibition.

“That’s my girl!” Photo by Kelly Leonard


A man of the people and pets, Rob Astorino takes a moment for a photo op with one of Chappaqua’s famous residents, Maggie Mae Pup Reporter at the Town of New Castle’s annual Memorial Day Parade and ceremony in May 2014. Mr. Astorino is the Westchester County Executive and was then a New York State gubernatorial candidate. Maggie Mae Pup Reporter is a canine columnist and blogger who has been published in WAG Magazine and Inside Chappaqua magazine.

So proud to have this  photo selected for ArtsWestchester’s photo exhibition Through the Decades 

At the Arts Westchester Gallery in White Plains, New York through November 21. Please come see this photo and all the others in this great exhibition.  #AWat50

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Pet Peeve #2: Pay Attention to Your Pet

I always have my eye on my surroundings. Photo by Ronni Diamondstein

Maggie Mae always has her eye on her      surroundings.
          Photo by Ronni Diamondstein

Pay attention to your pet!

Not too long ago a dog went to bite me when I was walking in town. The owner was walking with her teenage son and was looking something up on her cell phone. When my owner told her to pay attention to her dog she said, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Really! Not a nice thing to say to my owner who cares about me and only takes out her phone to snap a picture of me or in case of emergency. This was not the first time. Too many times I have been attacked by dogs whose owners are busy looking at their cellphone, or holding a cup of coffee in their hands or both and their dog is on a retractable leash. You can’t be controlled well if you are on a retractable leash, especially if there is a problem. Please don’t use them and please just pay attention.

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Coyotes in the Neighborhood

Officer Moore answers Maggie Mae's questions about staying safe from coyotes.

Officer Moore answers Maggie Mae’s questions about staying safe from coyotes.                                      Photo by Ronni Diamondstein

People are very concerned about coyotes. Three years ago I wrote a column about it in the Inside Chappaqua Magazine September/October 2012 issue. Here it is with information that can still help dogs stay safe.

Last fall I heard our neighbor Dana leave a message on our answering machine, “Please be careful when you take Maggie outside. I just saw a coyote walking on the road in front of your house.” Other neighbors had told my owner that they heard coyotes howl at night, but we had never seen one. As soon as I could, I contacted Officer James Moore, the New Castle Animal Control Officer to find out what my owner and I could do to stay safe.

Officer Moore said that the coyotes probably already knew where I lived. He had some great suggestions for what we could do when we go out in the early morning when it is dark and see a coyote: carry a whistle, make noise and never turn your back on them. If you run away, they will think you are prey and go after you. He also put me in touch with Kevin Clarke, Wildlife Biologist with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. “Coyotes are part of our environment, “ he said “and we can peacefully co-exist with them.”

Knowing that coyotes are out there, Clarke says, people need to modify their behavior so people and dogs, especially small ones, don’t have a negative interaction. He said to stop doing the things that attract them to our homes such as feeding pets or stray cats outside, using bird feeders, composting food items and not covering your trash. Then when you do see a coyote you need to make it afraid of you. He also said to make lots of noise and to throw rocks or sticks, wave your arms and make yourself look scary. Don’t let them just hang around and feel comfortable. “Most coyotes around the state do exhibit a healthy fear of humans,” says Clarke, “but in more urbanized areas they are comfortable around people and become more bold and curious in their behavior.” He says the likelihood of an attack on a human is very low. “However, recorded incidences from around the country have involved young children.”

“To keep pets safe, keep cats inside and keep dogs on a leash or in a fenced enclosure. Invisible fences are not a good way to keep them safe as coyotes will often come into a yard to kill a dog,” Clarke says. He also told me that small dogs like me should stay on a leash and in closed quarters—or bulk up. Coyotes don’t usually attack larger dogs (35-45 pounds.)

Over the summer, while I was writing this story, I was very upset to hear that a little dog was killed by a coyote right in her own backyard in our town. The scary part was that the dog was right near the house.

Clarke says to enjoy wildlife from a distance. “We can never predict the behavior of wild animals with 100% certainty.” The best advice he offers is to change our behavior so we don’t attract coyotes and make them comfortable around us. You can find out more about coyotes and other things you can do around your home to keep them away from you and your pets by visiting the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation website http://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/6971.html and the Westchester County website http://health.westchestergov.com/coyotes

Now I hear there was a Black Bear in right near the Duck Pond. I’d better find out what to do about them.

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