Happy New Year 2020!

holiday card proof 2019 PHOTO

“What is beautiful is a joy for all seasons.” Oscar Wilde

Wishing you joy from season to season and peace in the new year.

Happy New Decade!

Love, Maggie Mae

© 2020 Ronni Diamondstein, All Rights Reserved

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The Adventures of Maggie Mae: Maggie Mae and the Lost Library Book

MM and the little red hen

Maggie Mae and the Lost Library Book

Maggie Mae loved to read. Every day she would go to the library with her mother and borrow lots of books.

Today was a big day for Maggie Mae. Maggie Mae was going to library to get her very own library card. She was so excited that she was old enough to sign her own name and have a card of her very own.

“Hello, Maggie Mae,” said Ms. Birdie the librarian. “May I help you?”

“Today is a special day,” said Maggie Mae. “I can write my name so I can get my own Library Card.”

Ms. Birdie handed Maggie Mae a form. Her mother wrote her name and address and Maggie Mae proudly printed her name in all capital letters.

“Congratulations!” Ms. Birdie said. Maggie Mae had a big smile on her face.

“How many books may I borrow?” Maggie Mae.

“As many as you can carry,” said Ms. Birdie with a smile.

Her library card was her prized possession and she kept it safe and sound in a little red case in her little purple tote bag.

Maggie Mae sat in a cozy cushion with her mother and read together.  She took ten books home that day.

Maggie Mae loved to read. She would look at the pictures and tell herself the story even if she didn’t know the words.

“That’s a picture walk,” her mother said. “Good for you, Maggie Mae.” Her mother was a teacher so she knew those things.

Maggie Mae read to her little brother, Beau. Maggie Mae read to her stuffed bear Bogie. Maggie Mae read to her friend Mugsy. She brought a book to the dinner table and read a story to her mother and father. She always had a book with her.

That night after Maggie Mae brushed her teeth and got ready for bed, she put a stack of books on her nightstand.

She was reading Aesop’s Fables. She loved the stories of all the animals and how they tricked each other and solved problems.

“Good night, Maggie Mae,” said her mother as she came in the room. “Time to go to sleep.”

“Goodnight, Mommy,” said Maggie Mae as her mother kissed her on the forehead and turned out the light.

As soon as Maggie Mae heard her mother go down the stairs, she pulled a flashlight from under her pillow. Maggie Mae stuck her head under the covers and started reading again.

Maggie Mae’s mom came up to her room and saw a big tent of the covers and smiled. She didn’t say a word.

The next day Maggie Mae packed a bag with books and an apple. She walked to the park and sat on a bench.

Lots of kids were on the swings. It was hot so she just sat under a tree.

Maggie Mae read fables, fairy tales and her favorite mysteries.

“Maybe I will be a detective,” she said to her mother.

“Why not?” her mother said. “Girls can do anything.”

Maggie Mae liked hearing that and smiled.

On Friday, Maggie Mae saw a big truck pull up on her street. It had a big sign on it: “Spring Lane Library.”

“That’s the book mobile,” said her mother.

“It’s a little library on wheels,” said Maggie Mae as she went inside.

“Hello Maggie Mae,” said Ms. Birdie. “Welcome! May I help you find some books?”

Maggie Mae picked up The Little Red Hen and her mother began to read to her. “No one wants to help her,” said Maggie Mae. “They are not being good friends.”

Maggie Mae knew that book, but she loved hearing it over and over. Her mother read it to her and she heard it at story hours.

“Where is The Story of Ferdinand?” Maggie Mae asked. She liked that book very much too. Sometimes she felt like Ferdinand the bull just sitting by herself under a tree and smelling the flowers.

“And Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present. I would like that, “she said. “Sometimes you don’t have to buy a present. Sometimes there are things right in front of you and you can be creative.”

Maggie Mae checked out those three books and a few more.

The next week on Friday when the book mobile was due on her street, Maggie Mae gathered her books to return them.

Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present went in the tote bag along with Ferdinand, Blueberries for Sal, another one of her favorite stories, Harold and the Purple Crayon and The Little Engine that Could. “One, two, three, four, five,” she said counting the books as she packed them in the bag.

“Where is The Little Red Hen?” she asked her mother when she realized one was missing.

“I don’t know,” Maggie Mae’s mother said. “Weren’t they all in your room?”

“I thought so,” said Maggie Mae.

Maggie Mae looked under her bed. No Little Red Hen.

Maggie Mae looked in her closet. No Little Red Hen.

She looked in her toy chest. No Little Red Hen.

“Where can it be?” asked Maggie Mae.

Maggie Mae looked under the sofa. No Little Red Hen.

Maggie Mae looked in the kitchen. No Little Red Hen.

Then they heard her little brother Beau in his room. “Not I!” he said.

Maggie Mae and her mother peeked into his room. And there was Beau turning the pages of The Little Red Hen, saying “Not I! Not I!”

© 2019 Ronni Diamondstein, All Rights Reserved

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Maggie Mae Pup Reporter Story: Maggie Mae’s Valentine

Maggie Mae ValentineMaggie Mae’s Valentine

It was a cold snowy day in February and Maggie Mae wanted to warm herself up. She sat down at the kitchen table to drink a cup of hot cocoa.

Maggie Mae looked up at the calendar. February 14thwas circled with a big red heart.

“Valentine’s Day is coming,” she said to her mother.  “I want to make Valentines for people I love.”

Maggie Mae gathered her supplies. She found some red paper. “Perfect!” she said. “Red as a rose.”

She went to the cupboard for ribbon. “I like this frilly pink ribbon, “ she said curling it.

Then she went to her mother’s sewing box. She found something white with lots of pretty little holes. “Lace,” said her mother. “That would be lovely.”

She found glue and glitter in her desk drawer.

Maggie Mae cut out big red hearts. She trimmed each one with a ribbon bow and glued the lace and glitter on the edges.

In the center of each heart she wrote a little poem:

“Roses are red

Violets are blue.

It’s Valentine’s Day

Hope it’s a happy day for you!”

She made one for her mother, one for her father and one for her little brother Beau.  She made one for her best friend Mugsy.

“It’s always nice to surprise someone,” her mother said.

The next day was Valentine’s Day. Maggie Mae got up very early. She placed the Valentines for her mother and father at their seats at the kitchen table. She placed Beau’s there too.

“Wow!” Maggie Mae’s father said as he sat down for his breakfast.  “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“These are beautiful,” said Maggie Mae’s mother. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Thank you, Maggie Mae,” said her brother. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Maggie Mae smiled and said, “And I love these heart-shaped pancakes! Thank you, Mama.”

After breakfast Maggie Mae dressed up in her snowsuit, put on her boots, and brought a Valentine next door.

“Hello Maggie Mae,” Mugsy’s mother said as she answered the door.  “Mugsy is not here.”

“Please give this to him,” Maggie Mae said as she handed her the Valentine.

Maggie Mae went back home.

“I am going to write a story about Valentine’s Day for my newspaper, The Daily Dog Dish,” she said to her mother.

“Good idea,” her mother said.

Maggie Mae went to her room to write.

A little while later her mother knocked at her door.

“Someone is here to see you,” said her mother.

There was Mugsy holding a long stem red rose.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Maggie Mae,” he said. ““I liked your poem.”

“Thank you, Mugsy. What a nice surprise!” said Maggie Mae.

“Let’s have some hot cocoa,” Maggie Mae said. “Would you like to stay and help me write a Valentine’s Day story for our newspaper?”

“Sure,” said Mugsy. “If I can have marshmallows with mine.”

“Absolutely,” said Maggie Mae. “It’s nice to share Valentine’s Day and a cup of cocoa with a friend.”

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It’s Our Anniversary

Eleven years ago, on January 13, I came to live with my owner and could not be happier!

1_13_2008 rd and mm

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Introducing “The Adventures of Maggie Mae Pup Reporter” Stories


maggie stories photoStarting a new series of short stories written by my owner Ronni Diamondstein. Here’s the first one:

Maggie Mae Pup Reporter Has A Nose for News

One summer day Maggie Mae, a black and white Toy Poodle said to her mother, “I am going to write a newspaper for our neighborhood.”

“You have a nose for news,” her mother said, “You are my pup reporter.”

“That’s it,” said Maggie Mae. “I am Maggie Mae Pup Reporter.”

“Do you have a name for your newspaper?” her mother asked.

“I will call it the Daily Dog Dish.”

With notebook in hand Maggie Mae went next door to see her friend Mugsy, a French Bulldog. It was a very hot day so Mugsy was lying under a big shady tree.

“I am starting a newspaper,” Maggie Mae announced. “Want to help me?”

“Sure, what do I have to do?” he asked. “What do we do first?”

“First we have to think of things to write about,” she said. “Let’s brainstorm.”

“Rain Storm! We better get inside!” said Mugsy.

“No, no.” said Maggie Mae. “BRAIN storm! That’s when we say whatever idea comes to our minds and make a list.”

“Phew,” said Mugsy. “Sounds like work. I think I need a treat.”

Maggie Mae and Mugsy went into the house. Mugsy’s mother had just taken some biscuits out of the oven. She gave them each one.

“What are you two doing?” she asked when she saw Maggie Mae’s notebook.

“We are going to brainstorm so we need a treat.” There was a jingling noise in the kitchen.

“What’s that sound?” Mugsy asked.

“My name tag,” said Maggie Mae. “And my dog license tag from the Town.”

“Does every dog have one?” asked Mugsy. “I don’t have one.”

“You need one, “ said Maggie Mae. “Let’s go to Town Hall. We can write about it. It can be our first story.”

When Maggie Mae and Mugsy got to the Town Hall they went to see the Tallie the Town Clerk who was a toy poodle who looked just like Maggie Mae.

“Mugsy needs a license,” said Maggie Mae.  “And we are writing a newspaper. Can you please tell us why we need a tag?”

“You wear your dog tag proudly, Maggie Mae,” said Tallie. “If you get lost we can find you by the number on it.”

“I have a microchip too,” said Maggie Mae.

“Good idea,” said Tallie. “If your collar comes off that’s another way to find out where you live.”

“We are writing about this,” said Mugsy. “So now we have our first story.”

“We need a picture for it,” Maggie Mae said as she took out her camera.

“Good idea,” said Mugsy who was always happy to pose for a photo.

“Thank you, Tallie,” said Maggie Mae.

“Let’s go back to your house to brainstorm some more, ” said Mugsy.

“We have to write the story before we start on the next one,” Maggie Mae said to Mugsy.

When they got home and had a snack, Maggie said, “Let’s get busy.”

“What do I write first?” asked Mugsy.

“When you write news, people want to know the four “W’s” and “H”, said Maggie.

“Who, What, When, Where and How.”

“That makes sense,” said Mugsy. So the two friends sat down and wrote their first story. “Why I Wear My Dog Tag Proudly.”

The first edition of the Daily Dog Dish was ready to go to press.

© 2019 Ronni Diamondstein, All Rights Reserved





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Happy New Year News

holiday 2018 card 1

“What is beautiful is a joy for all seasons.” Oscar Wilde

Wishing you joy from season to season and peace in the new year.

Stay tuned for some exciting new blogs coming soon! You never know what Ronni Diamondstein is up to!

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A Dog To Love–Maggie Mae

November is a month for gratitude and my owner Ronni Diamondstein was asked to write about how grateful she is to have me in her life. I am more than grateful to her. I love her unconditionally.

Here is a link to the article published in Inside Chappaqua magazine. A Dog to Love–Maggie Mae

Ronni D 9 2014

Maggie Mae at the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival Mural by Sophie Mendelson in Chappaqua

“I never thought I could love an animal as much as I love my Maggie Mae. She is, without a doubt, my best friend and my biggest fan. She will follow me anywhere, is totally devoted to me–even when I scold her. Maggie Mae loves me unconditionally. She’s a black and white Parti-Toy Poodle and the joy of my life.”

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Who Doesn’t Love a Little Vacation?


One of my favorite things to do is dog and people watch on the porch of The Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. It’s a pet-friendly inn in the Berkshire Mountains. It is so relaxing. I always meet the nicest people.


I am always well-behaved.


You never know what you will see. These dogs barked at me but I just ignored them.








Taking a walk on Main Street, Stockbridge, MA.

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Faith in the Future

by Ronni Diamondstein

Maggie Mae and Ronni Diamondstein

Photo credit: Liza Margulies

I truly have faith in the future. I have been retired from teaching for 4 years now. I have kept my finger on the pulse of what young people are thinking by helping high school seniors polish and edit their college application and supplemental essays. All I can say is, “Wow.” Everyone has a unique story. The young people I have worked with are wise and thoughtful, and most importantly care about the world they live in and want to make it a better place. Their voices are strong and clear. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be their coach. Makes me very hopeful in this new year!

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“What Happened” at the Chappaqua Library

  • IMG_1339Library Staff with Hillary Rodham Clinton Photo courtesy Chappaqua Library

Posting by Ronni Diamondstein

Exciting to host a book signing by Chappaqua resident, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Chappaqua Library on Saturday, September 24.


A huge crowd of all ages was there to get a signed copy of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book, “What Happened” and her children’s picture book version of “It Takes a Village,” illustrated by Caldecott Medalist Marla Frazee. Secretary Clinton took the time to chat with everyone who came through the line.

And President William J. Clinton made a surprise visit and spent time talking to hundreds of  folks waiting on line.


Kudos to the amazing Chappaqua Library staff and volunteers who worked hard so the event ran smoothly.


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