The Adventures of Maggie Mae: Baking With Love

Baking With Love

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Maggie Mae was excited to see the snow falling outside.

“Can we go out to play?” she asked her mother.

“Later,” her mother said. “It’s a blizzard out there. It is too cold and a strong wind is blowing.”

“Can we bake cookies instead?” asked Maggie Mae. “That would be fun.”

“That’s a perfect thing to do on a snowy day like today,” said her mother. “Let’s go into the kitchen.”

“I can write about it for my newspaper when we are finished,” said Maggie Mae.

Her mother took out a big red mixing bowl and put it on the kitchen table.

Maggie Mae helped take out the tools she needed to bake: baking sheet, measuring cups and spoons. “And of course the spatula,” Maggie Mae said holding up a pretty pink one.

“Let’s get all the ingredients ready,” her mother said.

“May I help?” asked her little brother Beau as he came into the kitchen.

“Sure,” said Maggie Mae.

Her mother placed the ingredients on the kitchen counter: flour, sugar, eggs, butter and vanilla. “Love is the most important ingredient,” she said. “ We have to bake with lots of love.”

Maggie Mae helped measured the flour. She beat the butter and the sugar, stirring and stirring.

“Let’s add the eggs and a teaspoon of vanilla,” said her mother.

Maggie Mae stirred and stirred.

“I will fold in the flour,” said her mother.  “Then we can roll out the dough.”

Maggie Mae rolled out the dough with a rolling pin.  It was hard work.

“Let’s cut them into hearts since we are making them with love,” Maggie Mae said.

Beau stood on a stool and helped her cut out the cookies. They placed the cookies on the baking sheet.

Her mother put the cookies in the oven.

“What can we do while they are baking?” asked Maggie Mae.

“We will make the frosting,” said her mother. She took out powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla.

“I will stir that,” said Beau.

Maggie Mae started to write her story. She could smell the cookies baking. She even wrote the recipe in her story.

“Let’s give some of the cookies to our neighbors,” said Maggie Mae. “Sharing is caring.”

“That will be a nice surprise,” said her mother.

When the cookies had cooled, Beau and Maggie Mae decorated the cookies with red and white frosting. Then they packed them up to give to friends and neighbors.

“Baking cookies on a snowy day was a good idea,” Maggie Mae said to her mother. “And sharing them is even better.”

© 2020 Ronni Diamondstein, All Rights Reserved

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4 comments on “The Adventures of Maggie Mae: Baking With Love
  1. Laurie says:

    Cookies look good sorry I’m not there. Who is Beau?

  2. Cookies and snow go paw in paw together.

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