Maggie Mae Pup Reporter Story: Maggie Mae’s Valentine

Maggie Mae ValentineMaggie Mae’s Valentine

It was a cold snowy day in February and Maggie Mae wanted to warm herself up. She sat down at the kitchen table to drink a cup of hot cocoa.

Maggie Mae looked up at the calendar. February 14thwas circled with a big red heart.

“Valentine’s Day is coming,” she said to her mother.  “I want to make Valentines for people I love.”

Maggie Mae gathered her supplies. She found some red paper. “Perfect!” she said. “Red as a rose.”

She went to the cupboard for ribbon. “I like this frilly pink ribbon, “ she said curling it.

Then she went to her mother’s sewing box. She found something white with lots of pretty little holes. “Lace,” said her mother. “That would be lovely.”

She found glue and glitter in her desk drawer.

Maggie Mae cut out big red hearts. She trimmed each one with a ribbon bow and glued the lace and glitter on the edges.

In the center of each heart she wrote a little poem:

“Roses are red

Violets are blue.

It’s Valentine’s Day

Hope it’s a happy day for you!”

She made one for her mother, one for her father and one for her little brother Beau.  She made one for her best friend Mugsy.

“It’s always nice to surprise someone,” her mother said.

The next day was Valentine’s Day. Maggie Mae got up very early. She placed the Valentines for her mother and father at their seats at the kitchen table. She placed Beau’s there too.

“Wow!” Maggie Mae’s father said as he sat down for his breakfast.  “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“These are beautiful,” said Maggie Mae’s mother. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Thank you, Maggie Mae,” said her brother. “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Maggie Mae smiled and said, “And I love these heart-shaped pancakes! Thank you, Mama.”

After breakfast Maggie Mae dressed up in her snowsuit, put on her boots, and brought a Valentine next door.

“Hello Maggie Mae,” Mugsy’s mother said as she answered the door.  “Mugsy is not here.”

“Please give this to him,” Maggie Mae said as she handed her the Valentine.

Maggie Mae went back home.

“I am going to write a story about Valentine’s Day for my newspaper, The Daily Dog Dish,” she said to her mother.

“Good idea,” her mother said.

Maggie Mae went to her room to write.

A little while later her mother knocked at her door.

“Someone is here to see you,” said her mother.

There was Mugsy holding a long stem red rose.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Maggie Mae,” he said. ““I liked your poem.”

“Thank you, Mugsy. What a nice surprise!” said Maggie Mae.

“Let’s have some hot cocoa,” Maggie Mae said. “Would you like to stay and help me write a Valentine’s Day story for our newspaper?”

“Sure,” said Mugsy. “If I can have marshmallows with mine.”

“Absolutely,” said Maggie Mae. “It’s nice to share Valentine’s Day and a cup of cocoa with a friend.”

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