Introducing “The Adventures of Maggie Mae Pup Reporter” Stories


maggie stories photoStarting a new series of short stories written by my owner Ronni Diamondstein. Here’s the first one:

Maggie Mae Pup Reporter Has A Nose for News

One summer day Maggie Mae, a black and white Toy Poodle said to her mother, “I am going to write a newspaper for our neighborhood.”

“You have a nose for news,” her mother said, “You are my pup reporter.”

“That’s it,” said Maggie Mae. “I am Maggie Mae Pup Reporter.”

“Do you have a name for your newspaper?” her mother asked.

“I will call it the Daily Dog Dish.”

With notebook in hand Maggie Mae went next door to see her friend Mugsy, a French Bulldog. It was a very hot day so Mugsy was lying under a big shady tree.

“I am starting a newspaper,” Maggie Mae announced. “Want to help me?”

“Sure, what do I have to do?” he asked. “What do we do first?”

“First we have to think of things to write about,” she said. “Let’s brainstorm.”

“Rain Storm! We better get inside!” said Mugsy.

“No, no.” said Maggie Mae. “BRAIN storm! That’s when we say whatever idea comes to our minds and make a list.”

“Phew,” said Mugsy. “Sounds like work. I think I need a treat.”

Maggie Mae and Mugsy went into the house. Mugsy’s mother had just taken some biscuits out of the oven. She gave them each one.

“What are you two doing?” she asked when she saw Maggie Mae’s notebook.

“We are going to brainstorm so we need a treat.” There was a jingling noise in the kitchen.

“What’s that sound?” Mugsy asked.

“My name tag,” said Maggie Mae. “And my dog license tag from the Town.”

“Does every dog have one?” asked Mugsy. “I don’t have one.”

“You need one, “ said Maggie Mae. “Let’s go to Town Hall. We can write about it. It can be our first story.”

When Maggie Mae and Mugsy got to the Town Hall they went to see the Tallie the Town Clerk who was a toy poodle who looked just like Maggie Mae.

“Mugsy needs a license,” said Maggie Mae.  “And we are writing a newspaper. Can you please tell us why we need a tag?”

“You wear your dog tag proudly, Maggie Mae,” said Tallie. “If you get lost we can find you by the number on it.”

“I have a microchip too,” said Maggie Mae.

“Good idea,” said Tallie. “If your collar comes off that’s another way to find out where you live.”

“We are writing about this,” said Mugsy. “So now we have our first story.”

“We need a picture for it,” Maggie Mae said as she took out her camera.

“Good idea,” said Mugsy who was always happy to pose for a photo.

“Thank you, Tallie,” said Maggie Mae.

“Let’s go back to your house to brainstorm some more, ” said Mugsy.

“We have to write the story before we start on the next one,” Maggie Mae said to Mugsy.

When they got home and had a snack, Maggie said, “Let’s get busy.”

“What do I write first?” asked Mugsy.

“When you write news, people want to know the four “W’s” and “H”, said Maggie.

“Who, What, When, Where and How.”

“That makes sense,” said Mugsy. So the two friends sat down and wrote their first story. “Why I Wear My Dog Tag Proudly.”

The first edition of the Daily Dog Dish was ready to go to press.

© 2019 Ronni Diamondstein, All Rights Reserved






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6 comments on “Introducing “The Adventures of Maggie Mae Pup Reporter” Stories
  1. Laurie says:

    What a sarrtt dog

  2. Elizabeth says:

    What useful info Maggie Mae!

  3. Pawsome reporting, Maggie Mae!

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